Boards, Panels or Solid Wood?

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Choosing boards or panels that have already been constructed won’t cause you a headache, however, you need to know what exactly are you looking for. It’s very good when you understand what kind of surface (for example, melamine white) you need and want. Nevertheless,  if you are going to install a panel or board, choosing […]

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Solid Wood vs. Engineered Wood

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In this article, I will shortly try to tell you about general knowledge about wood. I will write about few things that architects, designers or any other person, who is working with wood will find useful to read it. I will explain why it is important to use wood in a right way and if […]

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A Wearable Wireless Virtual Reality Experience

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Technological advances in virtual reality are happening fast, with hardware manufacturers and software developers continuously evolving their offerings to support the latest in high standards. When applied to the entertainment and service industries, healthcare and other areas, this exciting and growing field has the potential to completely change the way people experience the world. With […]

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Work with wood like Dimisco!

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About me: My name is Diego Miscoria and I’ve been working with wood for more than 20 years. I have started my professional work with wood in 1994 in the wooden boat-building industry, where we made almost everything, including choosing and cutting the wood in the forest.   Since 2007 I design and create furniture […]

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Innovation is overrated

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By definition, innovation is about creating something new.  But it is common sense that not always what is new is better. People seem to be obsessed about a new gadget, app, material or even a car. Huge lines grow in front of stores to buy the new – anything. Is the latest collection of products […]

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Creativity explosion in Latvian fashion

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At the beginning of June was the time to jump into the tram Nr. 4  and get out only at the last stop which happens to be “The Portal” of Art Academy of Latvia (LMA) – annual fashion show where Fashion Department students present their latest collections. Oil fragrance, industrial environment and fashion – it […]

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Wooden eyewear for everyone

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This summer 2015 wooden eyewear is definitely THE must-have accessory that nobody can do without. With an eye for new trends, the Italian businessmen Klaus Tavella and Thomas Oberegger, together with their new partner Alexander Fischnaller, launched the eyewear brand MyWoodi in January 2015 with the aim to revolutionize the market for wooden eyewear by […]

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3D printing breaks out with a stop-motion animation

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Chase Me is a short film that has been entirely created thanks to 3D printing. Combining the two worlds of stop-motion and CGI films, this ambitious project took over two years to complete, and is made up of over 2,500 pieces printed on the Form 1+ 3D printer by Formlabs. The story begins with a […]

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Mosrose lingerie – Designed to be you

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In 2011 Turkish designer Kubra Ozdemir moved to Milan and created her lingerie brand Mosrose. Kubra starts her brand with the goal to the develop lingerie for women who want to feel special every day. In fact, Mosrose offers a broad variety of models and styles. The collection consists in three different lines, each of […]

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Scandinavian metro design twists

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Stockholm is one of Europe’s most rapidly growing cities, and that growth places progressively higher demands on infrastructure and transportation systems. Almost a million trips are made on the Stockholm metro every single day, a number that increases steadily in pace with population growth. The metro needs to be accessible to all, regardless of physical […]

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Design, Lust and Desire

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“…and lead us not into temptation”. Let’s face it: all the best designers are sinners. Some people say that ‘Design creates solution’, like it is some kind of mantra. Solutions for whom? Are we talking about real problems or is it just the will to produce and buy more things? We would like to write […]

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Danish couture in Copenhagen

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On a sunny spring day a group of Copenhagen couturiers and designers presented their unique designs in the picturesque Hercules Pavilion from the early 17th century in the King’s Garden. The charming pavilion and the opera opening were perfect scene-setters to the slow and intimate catwalk allowing the spectators time and opportunity to study the […]

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Feeling fashion with Borgenni collection

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“U R – you are”, the strong and significant theme of the Autumn-Winter 2015/16 collection created by the Tuscan brand Borgenni, stands for the representation of the uniqueness of every woman. With the forth Borgenni collection, the founders Erik Manfredi and Alessio Sponsale aim at supporting women in their research of their fashionable self. Women […]

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Formlabs partnered up with Royal College of Art

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How could desktop 3D printing shift the industrial design landscape in the future?In search of answers Formlabs, the company behind the high-resolution Form 1+ 3D printer, partnered with Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London to explore the future of desktop manufacturing. Formlabs was the first company to design and manufacture a […]

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Designers, shamans of today

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People don’t buy products. Actually, they don’t even care about Design. When one likes an object, he or she actually only wants the benefits and meaning of it, that means matter is a way to reach the intangible. A turning point to our existence was when Homo Erectus started to control fire. With that discovery, […]

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Alessandro Mendini’s Lipstick for Deborah Milano

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When I was a student, the University campus was far way less glamorous. After many years, I stepped into the major court of the Milan Statale University this very morning, and bumped into a beautiful gigantic rotating lipstick. Seriously. An 8 meters tall sculpture realized in cilindrical steel, with a coloured digital print in the […]

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Extra Ordinary shoes – The tail of a whale

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This is the leitmotiv that guides us through the entire Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection of the 29 years old Viviana Vignola, talented designer of the Italian shoes brand Racine Carrèe. The unusual detail is applied to different models, as a gentle spiral embracing the ankle, a subtle and glamorous hint, a sparkling jewel on a total […]

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