electric-bike-noordung-title_1 - cover

Electric Bike With A Portable Battery

sofa-table-kunsik-choi_title_1 - cover

Sofa Table For Multitasking Moms

“Babies are always curious about adults’ world. When the baby is invited to parents’ sofa table, all of them around the table feels emotional…

bottle-opener-othr-title_1 - cover

3D Geometric Bottle Opener

Each of OTHR limited-edition Ico Bottle Opener is produced on demand with a serial number and Certificate of Authenticity. This beautiful and complex limited-edition kitchen…

the-abyss-christopher-duffy-title_1 - cover

The Abyss by Christopher Duffy

Christopher Duffy, a design graduate, made his humble beginning creating products in his kitchen. Having grown out of the kitchen a long time ago,…

this-is-a-limited-edition-title_1 - cover

When Art Meets Fashion

Usually, fashion is all about the clothing design, but have you ever thought how would it be to combine fashion and art? Brand “This…

smart-ink-pens-ensso-title_3 - cover

Smart Ink Pens

A small design studio, based in Los Angeles, step up to the challenge of creating a new pen with a simple, yet powerful smart…

glass-vases-studio-eo-title_1 - cover

Hand-Blown Illusive Glass Vases

Intriguing and innovative, yet also functional, “Indefinite Vases” produced by Studio E.O. in Stockholm incorporate a unique mesh of warm, soft glass and cold,…

coffee-table-dmitry-kozinenko-title_1 - cover

An Illusive Coffee Table

Minimal & eye-catching. The idea of “Coin” table designed by Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko was born in process of experimenting with the simple and familiar shapes….

two-seat-steel-chair-clara-scheewers-title_2 - cover

Minimal Two-Seat Steel Chair

Leonardo da Vinci as one of the greatest painters of all time, as well as the innovators,  has inspired continuously many creatives around the world…

metallic-shelf-dmitry-kozinenko-title-1 - cover

Illusory Metallic Shelf

Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko designed metallic shelving system called “Field”. This metallic shelf looks simple and minimal, but, most importantly – it creates an…