Nina Simovska

FROM September 23, 2014 TO September 28, 2014

Nina Simovska is the creator of the brand “Just Because.” established in 2008. Following the passion for conceptual art, this brand stands for creating contemporary, modern jewelry designs.

The endless search for authenticity brings us even closer to tradition and legacies, but they are important only if they point toward the future. The exhibition “Skopje. Untold stories.”is devoted to the city Skopje for its 50th anniversary of the earthquake and it has a goal to reveal some of the untold stories that Skopje hides in the architecture after 1963 and all this presented through statement jewelry pieces.

Skopje, Macedonia

The idea behind SDW is that Skopje within 6 days programme unites on annual bases the world’s most remarkable designers and innovators in one place and gives them chance to communicate with the broad audience, regional corporate sector and educational institutions.

As totally neutral place where no strong culture is dominant the city of Skopje is perfect place for experiments and different concepts especially for the creative minds. SDW is a design oriented multicultural platform that aims to stimulate creative economy in the Balkans.

The overall program of SDW is an ambitious mix of innovative disciplines ranging from product, graphic and fashion, jewelry, technological and environmental issues and business issues closely related to design and innovation.

Continuation during the whole year is achieved by linking the activities with the regional and other international festivals and permanently upgrading the international brand and platform Ministry of Pleasure.

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