TUNDRA: Fashion Collection Inspired By Nature

tundra-aw17-fashion-collection-adria-machado-title_2 - Cover

“Tundra” is an AW 16/17  fashion collection inspired by nature, designed by a fashion designer Adrià Machado from Manresa, based in Barcelona.

In December of 2014 he launched his first collection “Made of stone”. Few months later he decided to continue creating under his own name to make sportswear and prêt a porter collections. All collections have been inspired by nature, designer plays with fabrics and minimal patterns to make extraordinary, yet with a taste of feminism.

In 2015 he launched his first jewelry collection made entirely with 3D pieces of recycled materials mixed with PLA.

Wearing the unique pieces of this collection, you will feel more connected with nature and who knows…maybe it will show you another way of thinking — #powerofnature.

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