Electric Bike With A Portable Battery

Company Noordung, based in Slovenia, specializes in creating unique, handmade, urban electric bikes. Noordung Angel Edition is their exclusive pre-production series of only 15 handmade, precisely crafted urban electric Noordung bikes.

Unique characteristics of Noordung Angel Edition:

Awarded ultralight motor, invisible built in the bike with more than 30 km range.

Up to 100 hours of music through the state-of-the-art speakers, played from your phone. Speakers: 20 W RMS.

Fact: It is the lightest urban electric bike in the world. Noordung Angel electric bike is made from carbon fiber. Total weight: 15.6 kg.

You can charge this bike with your phone, tablet or computer using USB connectors. Battery: 33.6 V, 400 Wh.

Ride this electric bike simple and smart — find the most eco-friendly routes for your daily commute and ride healthy while with its innovative magnetic technology you can move the boombox easily. Moreover, bike has a Bluetooth connection 3.0, 2 USB fast charge.

Price of this exclusive limited-edition bike is 8 thousand euros including VAT. The price is fair enough if you think that there will be only 15 owners of Noordung Angel Edition handmade bikes in the world.

“These 15 people will become our friends, family, ambassadors, advisors and partners. Let us co-create this legend, and ride it into the future!” / Noordung/