His illustrations are vivid plays on our gestalt perception

His illustrations are vivid plays on our gestalt perception, the form-generating capability of our perception of figures and whole forms instead of just a collection of simple lines and curves.

Where Neo stops drawing, your brain picks up and fills in the image.

In his illustrations, he initially uses fast and spontaneous sketching, drawing and painting techniques with ball-point pens, ink drawing, brushes and water-color to establish the fundamental lines and scribbles. He then scans his drawings, transcending from the physical to the digital.

In Photoshop, he adds rich textures and erasures, for example patterns from old wallpaper, wrinkled packaging material, hand-written letters and newsprint.

The final results are illustrations with a very distinct and personal style where, for example, portraits have a very physical presence and authenticity.

There is something in the way he uses textures that make the illustrations look like found objects, Objets d’art left by a highly skilled artist.

In addition to his illustrations, he is working with print, web and packaging with clients such as Puma, LA Times, ESPN, Nike, Warner Bros and Hachette.

He is a graduate in Graphic Design from the School of Fine Art in Caen in France.