When Art Meets Fashion

Usually, fashion is all about the clothing design, but have you ever thought how would it be to combine fashion and art?

Brand “This Is A Limited Edition” presented their fashion collection at Riga Fashion Week during Spring/Summer 2017 season. All fashion line, lifestyle accessories, ceramics and furniture are made in England, designed by world famous artists and illustrators and collected everywhere. All made in limited numbers and all shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity.

More and more we can see how brands use more casual clothing pieces such as t-shirts, pants and jackets with prints and messages they want to represent. However, behind This Is A Limited Edition brand there are many talented artists that literally create artworks to be sold as the original pieces, as well as art reproductions in the limited amount, signed by their hand.

“Like our artists, our products are also extremely good quality. We do not take every piece of art and place it on any and every product we can think of.  We try to go that extra yard. For example, our Cup and Saucers are made from fine china, screen printed with up to 15 colors and laden with real gold and platinum.We hope that our products reflect the talented artists that we work with. We hope our customers collect and cherish the editions we make.”

The collection itself is very bright, funky, casual, yet with a class. It does reflect the summer vibes, especially when the models were catwalking and the dusters they were wearing were floating in the air.

Collection well presented reflected their artists’ work and how their extraordinary imagination can color our daily life!