electric-bike-noordung-title_1 - cover

Electric Bike With A Portable Battery

futuristic-hybrid-car-peugeot-title-1 - cover

Futuristic Hybrid Car

With Peugeot’s L500 R, we see a celebration of the centenary of the Peugot L45’s Indy 500 victory in 1916. The novel hybrid car…

luca-agnelli-bicycle-design_title-1 - cover

Hand-Build Modern Bicycle Design

Luca Agnelli has brought back vintage in whole new appearance. This electric bicycle design gives nostalgia to even those who was born in millennium….

2016-diavel-carbon-ducati-bike_title_3 - cover

Ride in Style with Ducati Bike

Ducati, one of the classical European motorbike designers and manufacturers, have launched their 2016 Diavel Carbon bike. It based on Ducati’s Diavel range and…

victory-motorcycle-concept-bike-5 - cover

A Victory for Concept Bikes

The company Victory Motorcycles started on the 4th of July in 1998 and since then has created a number of now classical and highly…

little-submarine-deepflight-10 - cover

A Little Submarine For Everyone

When reading Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea or watching Jacques Cousteau’s The Silent World, haven’t we all dreamt about carrying out…

supercar-rezvani_TITLE# - cover

The Beast Supercar

Rezvani Motors has launched their open-top supercar  called “Beast”. Despite the name, it is an ultra-slender and stylish state-of-the-art automobile in the supercar class….

concept-car-Ugur-Sahin-Design-12 - cover

Futuristic Concept car

The Dutch design company Ugur Sahin Design was founded in 2007 by Ugur Sahin and Axel van Mourik, aiming to serve the automotive and…