Blurred Portraits As A Reflection of Fragileness And Vulnerability

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Mr. Jesùs Leguizamo, a 41-year-old artist is a painter from Bogota, Columbia. He specializes in fine arts and joined various art exhibits from London, to Germany, to Austria and many more. His creations depict the lives of people – their fragileness and vulnerability.

His paintings portray blurred and erased faces, which according to him symbolizes human susceptibility. Through his work, Leguizamo explores both the human identity and the possibilities to express it through the medium of paint.

“These blurred portraits represent the distortion of the body. I feel the urge to eliminate what I pictured. The need to erase the essence of the individual in the picture is the need to deny their humanity,” explains Leguizamo.

His painting not only represents an artistic way to define mankind, but also shows the reality of mankind’s weaknesses and endeavors. There is a truth to be stated in each painting made by Leguizamo.

Its importance posits a great way to understand man – its history, its present, and its future. His artwork is surely one of the greatest masterpieces in this lifetime. And it will leave an astounding legacy for further generations to come to inspire, entice, and motivate mankind towards the betterment of humanity.

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