Archibald Stool

22 September 2021 -
Tom Will

Refurbish your living room or workplace with an elegantly designed leisure Archibald stool. No more sibling fights over “getting the comfiest seat for dinner.” Because with Archibald stools, each of you can have its snuggly chairs. One of its kind, this chair is tailored by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau. Yet another masterpiece from the Archibald collection, this stool wins hearts with versatile designs curated out of carefully crafted proportions.

This luxurious stool consists of a solid chromed base with gas spring incorporated steel columns, a comfortable footrest, and a base plate for adequate support. The lustrous design is available in two heights with the wood or a swivel base with an elegant metal stem. The Archibald stools are also available in wooden-based legs with foot support.

The Archibald stool is designed to provide a relaxed sitting posture, even at work. The seat framework consists of high-density polyurethane foam that is encapsulated and padded with a soft polyester wadding. The seat shell is upholstered in fabric or state-of-the-art Pelle Frau Leather to make the seat washable and wear-resistant. The leather upholstery makes the stool waterproof, so even if your kid spills all the juice over it from the kitchen counter, you can wipe off the seat in one go, with no damage or stain left behind.

The premium quality Archibald stool with an attractive design can better your day when you want to eat and relax at the kitchen counter. Moreover, it is also a perfect choice for the offices, enticing the employees to work efficiently within their comfort zones. It perfectly blends in the hospitality context, upgrading the serenity of the coffee tables. The adept style and elegance make it a perfect fit for any environment.

Next time you feel your back hurts from long working hours or the dining area seems too dull for your taste, upgrade the furniture with the new Archibald stools.