Cloud of luster chapel KTX Archilab’s

04 July 2019 -
Linda Sales

Luster, glitter, sparkle, light, shiny, and bright are fundamentals of any modern wedding ceremony. The time for writing a new page in people’s life, a white page, all in joy, all in happiness, all together, open to the future, reflecting dreams and hopes, reflecting the Luster of Life.

The previous Aile-Blanche Chapel, part of La-Vienna Wedding Ceremony Hall in Himeji, Japan, was aimed to be replaced by a new one that translates the importance and significance of the wedding day into physical space. a place where to engrave the memory one of the most important days in life.

Dream and light were translated into curves and glass, a cloud shaped space for the chapel was enveloped in transparent Glass bringing day light from all directions. The very light roof is supported by organic shaped white pillars. The ceiling is also all white, uninterrupted by any machineries or equipment. The approach to the entrance follows the same spirit wrapping the space around the central basin of the courtyard. The chapel sits on elevated curved base giving impression of floating in the basin. The water surface helps reflecting the chapel extending the dreams into other dimensions.

The floor of the nave is made of backlit glass to draw attention into the ceremonial walking up the nave. Other upper lights were placed around the pillars, and air-conditioning is also made through slits along the curved glass. The floor both inside and outside of the chapel is covered in glass beads and resin adding more shine when receiving the sun rays.

Cloud of Luster chapel translates the wedding ceremony spirit into built environment offering nothing but a dreamy glistering memory.