House R / Jakub Kolarovič Architects

17 December 2021 -
Linda Sales

House R is situated within Rovinka city known for the low-density development of family homes dating back to the 20th century. Its longitudinal dimensions make it easier to locate the house within more intimate spaces, the latter having been constructed away from the hustle and bustle of traffic linking the southern cities of Bratislava.

Brick cladding covers the whole house, the irregularity of which features a contrast with the suave glass surfaces of its aluminum windows. The enormous frame of the two-story house complements the size of the garage, which is entirely covered in the wooden cladding that extends into the entrance loggia. A mechanism featuring concealed garage doors further augments the density of the bulkiness.

The basic architecture of House R was determined by its location and environment. The longitudinal and narrow plot defined space requirements and characterized the house into two main facades; a northern façade that concludes alongside the newly built multi-story residential construction and a sunny southern façade that is broadly open to the garden. Side façades are completely covered, respecting the privacy of the neighboring residential area.

The secrecy of the northern façade is substituted by its contrasting meaning once someone enters the house. The scene visible from the entrance hall through the symmetrical doorway connecting areas shared with the entrance serves as a filter between the diametrical features of the outside atmosphere. Moreover, the house can be accessed from the northern side via the concrete courtyard, which stands in contrast to the southern garden. A green island showcasing a tree beautifully balances the arrangement of simple façade and also gives the study room some privacy.

The roof skylight complements the central staircase, illuminating the spacious entrance area. The minimalism of materials used for the interior produces a clear canvas and creates a delightful play of constantly varying light; this same principle of light is also showcased in the bathrooms and wardrobe on the second floor.

Photos by: Matej Hakár