Insideout by Déco: exciting systems and surfaces, inside and out

28 March 2019 -
Mark Smith

Déco presents an expansion of its range: no longer focusing exclusively on exteriors with its natural and composite wood products, but also becoming a trend-setter in interiors.

From now on, the company offers architects and interior designers a newly-extended range of products which can provide continuity between interior and exterior, ideal for contemporary living. The guiding principle is continuity, increasingly sought-after to give a pleasing visual coherence between inside and out. Déco's new outdoor line is therefore the natural evolution of its indoor range, and vice versa: walls continue through doors, floors start inside and extend to the outside.

Déco selects harmonious materials with the aim of creating pleasing stylistic continuity between interior and exterior. Déco products are open to numerous applications and furnish interiors and exteriors in a global continuation of aesthetics and functionality appropriate for various settings: residential, hospitality or commercial.

The first products in this new "insideOUT" journey come in the form of numerous natural woods, whose only limit is the creativity of the project, and two solutions in UltraShield® by Déco: Twix, the slatted solution for walls and ceilings, and sunshade units, which are also suitable as a divider for separating and furnishing indoor spaces. The latter are also available in natural wood, Teak and Ipe Lapacho.

But the Déco revolution does not stop there: added to all this is the first floor and wall system exclusively for interiors: Clap!. With this innovative product, the company makes its debut in the world of interiors with its usual unmistakable style,. Unique and distinctive, it is made in SPC (Stone Polymer Composite), a cutting-edge product that uses mineral powder in a compound that gives unparalleled robustness and superb performance, up to 300% better than conventional LVT solutions.

Available in a range of textures inspired by natural elements such as wood and stone, Clap! comes in boards or tiles, with a brand-new "U-click" slot-together system, providing the ideal answer for contemporary design projects and guaranteeing exceptional performance.

As the three partners Paolo Damiani, Mattia Bambi and Eugenio Lorenzo Caselli say: "Our constantly increasing turnover allows us to invest in exclusive products that open up infinite design opportunities for new ways of conceiving architecture and spaces. With insideOUT and Clap! we offer a global solution for visual, aesthetic and functional continuity, ideal for contemporary living".