Kineki Prototypes / Amezcua

20 December 2021 -
Tom Will

The patented Kineki "lifestyle" construction method combines natural elements with idealistic and experiential architectural styles. Its governing principles are a fusion between flexibility, affordability, use of high-quality renewable materials, low-impact sustainable elements, and abundant local flora. These values successfully deliver an exceptional product in less time than traditional construction systems, all within specific budget and schedules.

Kineki construction offers many options to build a variety of products, including a house, pavilion, store, classroom, hotel room, dock, cabin, and #Kinekioutdoor terraces. The construction method is simple yet elegant, offering baseline units for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. It accommodates infinite design configurations which can be adapted according to budget, growth requirements, and space configurations. Every base module is 3.6 meters in width, 3.6 meters in length, and 3.6 meters in height, guaranteeing that each module interconnects with the other properly.

Pablo House Prototype. Built within six months, this prototype comprises 28 modules and is spread over an area of 200 m2. Ten modules cover the terraces; seven are for the interior features, four for bedrooms, three for bathrooms, two for the kitchen, and two are circulation modules. This comes to a total of 450 m2 of covered area.

Julio House Prototype. With an area of 52 m2, this prototype is a collection of eight modules spread over two levels. The ground floor consists of the kitchen module, bathroom, living, and one bedroom. The upper floor comprises two-bedroom modules, a bathroom, and a vacant module that fills the room's double height, adding 150 m2 of constructed area.

Japo House Prototype. This prototype is a single-story house measuring 78 m2 in height. It comprises six modules: one module for a bedroom, one for a guest/study room, one for a kitchen with a loft, one for a living room, and two modules for two bathrooms, adding up to 140 m2 of building.

Prototype Outdoors. These were terraces originally constructed in the Rosetta Restaurant (Mexico City) as well as in the Bakery with the same name. Each terrace is constructed within a week and installed within a few hours. The architects cleverly adapted and scaled the wooden structures to measurements similar to a car. Moreover, two Kineki Outdoors modules momentarily dwell in a parking space to expand the table area during the ongoing pandemic.

Photos by: Jaime Navarro, Fernando Marroquin