M10 House

07 March 2018 -
Mark Smith

M10-House "House with Objects" was a design planned in a corner lot in area crowded with houses and mansion right inside the heart of Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

With light court stands in its center, two volumes with different height and material articulation was neutralize by the L shape eaves element creating a modern a simple exterior appearance.

Different height concrete objects that was set up in front of the exterior wall that utilized red cedar wood was mean to deliver a deep impression of the building along with sharp and warm atmosphere.

When one enters the entrance hall, a floating stairs design will attract the eyes. Vegetation that is visible through the windows together with indirect lighting that was installed under the stair treads creates the overall ambience of the space.

The indirect lighting in the second floor was design to run along the ceiling down to the floor, together with the indirect lighting installed in the kitchen it creates a simple and modern spaces.

Balcony that is connected to the living room has no opening on its side that faces the main road, by doing so it provides privacy and sense of security to the living spaces so the habitant can lives with ease.

When the night falls the simple and modern exterior appearance was lighten up bringing a deep impression that is similar to the effect that the concrete object delivers.

M10-House"House with Objects" was designed to become a house where the habitants can their live safely with ease and a house that can be the family's pride.