Vue’s pink rabbit restaurant & rooftop bar

23 November 2017 -
Tom Will

When it comes to the best restaurant design ideas, the competition is fierce. Great interior design is a crucial part of creating a desirable space that people would love to go and have a pleasant time. Ministry of Design’s new Pink Rabbit Restaurant in Beijing, China is a good example of good interior design for the restaurant. The hotel brand, Vue, seems to understand this fact pretty well. Vue’s Pink Rabbit Restaurant in its flagship facility in Beijing, China, is taking the best restaurant design ideas to a whole new level.

A Spectacular Location with Rich History This entire was designed by the Ministry of Design. Being located on the edge of the magnificent Houhai Lake in the historic Hutong district, the restaurant’s interior design ideas has to respect its surrounding. Located in a neighbourhood with plenty of historical buildings from the 1950s, the restaurant locations imposed a unique challenge. In addition to fulfilling its modern vision, the building should not disrupt the harmony of the surroundings. This smart approach is definitely one of the best restaurant design ideas that we have seen in a while. In order to make this happen, Ministry of Design approached the entire project as a major adaptive-reuse exercise, transforming the existing quasi-historic buildings in a contemporary, artistic way that is considered good interior design for the restaurant.

Beautiful Inside & Out On the outside, the building has received a layer of charcoal paint. This colour gives the building a new, contemporary look without making it disruptive to its surroundings.The key architectural elements of the restaurant have been highlighted with a gold patina that stands out from the charcoal colour and gives the exterior an overall sense of elegance and luxury. Given the context of the restaurant, this is one of the best restaurant design ideas that can be used. Aside from those exterior elements that unify the entire complex, the Pink Rabbit Restaurant has some exterior artistic installations and interior design ideas that are worthy of the name. The building has a whimsical installation of two wireframe rabbits on its top. Thanks to their wireframe structure and bright pink colour, the installation is eye-catching in a smart way that doesn’t disrupt the overall mood and aesthetics of the place. On the inside, the overall theme continues with some of the best interior design ideas that could be applied in such space. Thanks to not being restricted to the context, the Pink Rabbit’s interior design ideas are much more daring, with strong use of wood and gold colours. Ministry of Design’s latest work is indeed a good interior design for the restaurant that is worthy of the firm’s name.