Belle.Club Beauty Salon

09 September 2021 -
Alain Red

Belle.Club Beauty Salon breaks the traditional ideology of what a subscription beauty salon should look like. Instead, it seeks to provide beauty services that are practical, agile, innovative, and versatile to meet all the needs and demands of modern women adequately.

Belle.Club’s brand identity is the soul behind its design, extending beyond aesthetics and creating a unified and unique space that enhances customer experience and promotes a sense of belonging.

The hero in the salon is undoubtedly the workstation. It was carefully designed to assist beauty professionals in attending to a single client simultaneously without any spatial hurdles.The workstation efficiently organizes and divides areas according to respective functions, adding to both client and employee comfort. In addition, it provides space for as many as four nails and two hair professionals to work together simultaneously without disturbing one another.

Moreover, the workstation features rotating tables for manicures, tables with foot support for pedicures, and low chairs with heights suitable for positioning employees perfectly and comfortably to carry out their jobs.

In terms of accessories for making work easier, the salon features portable baskets that allow employees to stock all their required materials and carry them over to clients without the hassle of running back to worth. Also, the salon’s high chairs are appropriately designed for any hair treatment, while the hairdresser comfortably stands behind them.

In short, Belle.Club Beauty Salon creates a carefully crafted and comfortable working environment for employees and clients, where both have everything they require at their fingertips.