Gawthorne’s Hut / Cameron Anderson Architects

15 December 2021 -
Mark Smith

Cameron Anderson Architects (CAARCH) was assigned the task of designing a petite boutique accommodation located in a rural area near the town of Mudgee. Their project, Gawthorne’s Hut, was constructed in the center of the NSW Drought so that the landowner could expand their income that was previously reliant on grazing model and cattle breeding. In addition, the project was intended to serve as a novel and sustainable tourist spot corresponding directly with the property's historical significance.

Gawthorne’s Hut reveals to guests the advantages of using smaller footprints (only 40sqm in area) and sustainable design elements. Recycled bricks from the fireplace were cleverly repurposed to construct a non-load bearing brick wall that would facilitate services to descend from the ceiling and also offer some amount of partition to the bathroom. Overall, the materials used feature warm and inviting colors, whereas natural black-butt timber has been widely used for the interior and exterior. Some project highlights include an off-grid solar system, a 4000 liter capacity for rainwater storage, gas hot water, double-glazed black-butt doors and windows, thermal mass through a polished concrete block, effective bathroom fittings, and passive solar shading.

The symmetrical angle of the galvanized covered steel and opulent timber-lined interior resemble the main rural structure of outbuildings and existing hay sheds. It fulfills the client’s requirement to facilitate the solar display on the building. From the inside, the angled form is highlighted via a black-butt lined ceiling that frames the East valley view as well. Stage two of the project will include adding some shade to the southern and western glazing after assessing its thermal performance for about a year. Therefore, it was vital to conceal the project so that the final scenic rural setting and tourist experience were not compromised.

All in all, Gawthorne’s Hut was designed to feature an open-plan interior with a beautiful landscape. The orientation was intended to maximize eastern and southern views, while the openings were constructed to highlight views of the Mudgee Valley from the bath and a slender window in the bedroom.

Photos by: Amber Creative