Gable House / Architects 49 House Design Limited

14 December 2021 -
Alain Red

The Gable House is among a high-end housing project, designed cleverly to blend within its surrounding. Despite being situated close to a high-quality urban public setup and a low-density local community, it merges adequately into its environment.

Its design is influenced by various aspects of local regulations, such as height restrictions, color, and material choices, roof form, and open space ratio. Deep grey tiles that cover the roof offer the main external visual sensation and harmonization with surroundings and give it its name – Gable House – which comes from this visually recognizable roof architecture.


One of the most prominent design challenges was creating a design as per modern Thai architecture while following the principles of the native community. Hence, the architects concentrated on employing both sophisticated and tropical Thai design ideas. As a result, the central courtyard symbolizes traditional Thai homes and is a rather creative blend of positive geometric spaces and the negative central pool space. Moreover, the eventual ‘C’ shaped layout efficiently permits both natural light and ventilation into the house's interior.

Lining the main entrance and the ceiling of the drop-off zone are timber panels constructed to resemble a red carpet that paves the way to the main area. These designs, along with several vestibules creating a ‘Stone Tunnel’ walkway, feature an enigmatic entranceway that creates a thrilling sense of passage and awaiting discovery. Moreover, the dramatic contrast of dark and light tones is another important visual effect of the house. 

Moving on to the second floor, wooden louvers provide privacy, especially since neighbors are in such close vicinity. They also highlight the Gable’s overall form, giving it a distinctive character and featuring an attention-grabbing front fascia while harmonizing with its surrounding greenery. The expansive covered terrace provides a relaxing space, and the continuity of openings surrounding the western-style kitchen located at the end of the pool encapsulates openness, adaptability, and flexibility. 

In terms of materials, the designers used grey-green volcanic stones to depict solidity. They contrasted it with free-standing teakwood panels and columns that provide a sense of delicacy and softness to the Gable house.


The concept here was to encapsulate a functionally well-designed and relaxing main home, but with the vibes of a vacation home. Using the intelligible architectural design, the aesthetics of the exterior and interior of this contemporary tropical home are unified via a similar color scheme as described previously. Distinctive floor patterns and a four-meter high foyer that lead to the main staircase, coupled with a clear-glass lift in the double-height space, feature an exquisite entrance to the Gable.

Walking through the inside of the house, high ceilings and the floor-to-ceiling glazing make for a warm and comfy indoor-outdoor atmosphere. The main pantry, intended to support outdoor and entertainment activities, provides an exquisite vision of the swimming pool, along with an eight-meter long counter that runs from the main dining space.


The second floor features a private master area designed with various materials and color schemes to make it unique and dynamic. Moreover, a spacious walk-in closet with sections for ‘him’ and ‘her’ merges with the bedroom, featuring pool and garden views. Another four family bedrooms are also designed using different but coordinated flairs.

Photos by: W Workspace