Kettal Chair “TOU”

24 September 2021 -
Mark Smith

Whenever you start believing that nothing can get more comfortable than the barcalounger in your living room or the armchair in your mini garden, something even better comes up. This time, relive your home with a unique and ancient blend of western and eastern cultures.

Naoto Fukasawa, a versatile Japanese industrial designer, known for his artistic and leisurely furniture, has crafted the latest kettal chair called "tou." This Avant-garde of a chair is a respectful tribute to the handicraft of rattan and reed wickerwork traced back centuries.

This kettal chair replenishes the house with warmth and memories. It recreates the déjà vu of your grandma sitting over a handwoven chair, knitting sweaters for you. However, this one is a better and modified version of style and comfort. The materials used to weave the internal structure are entirely natural and eco-friendly yet elegant. With hundreds of mini cavities in the design, this kettal chair blends light and robust material.

Tou is manufactured by amalgamating the manual and traditional techniques, requiring more labor and industrial processes. To modify the typical weaving structure, this kettal chair by Naoto has stripes and vertical lines with a more defined and eloquent mesh that makes the chair ultra-light yet beautiful. The four legs are made out of solid wood with ultra-finesse and a wooden footrest to provide comfort.

Pair it up with a cushion or not; it is the ultimate leisure statement that allows you to sit comfortably in your garden, next to a pool, or on a beach. This kettal chair is a treat for the eyes and the backbone, even for a minimalist and a nature lover!