Gym warehouse

27 September 2021 -
Tom Will

Switching to a healthier lifestyle is not easy and even boring. With all the bland food and strenuous exercise, your life can miss out on the element of fun. Especially when you have to drag yourself to the dull place, with black equipment and greasy and sweaty machines- the place you call the gym.

With a bit of twist and exciting details, the Warehouse Gyms in Dubai are changing the interior games. Ideated by Rania Mahmoud Hamed, founder of VSHD-design, the ultra-sophisticated yet fun gym interior turns the chasm of stress and sweat into enjoyment and pure joy.

The new concept of gyms, to liven up the interior and eliminate the gloomy, eerie feel, involves certain modifications in the design. Gone are the days when people enjoyed neon lights. The trend has shifted to flexible, ambient lighting with a design element that refocuses or dims the lights as per your preference. In addition, the Warehouse Gym design includes innovative mirrors around the walls to increase reflections, linked to improving confidence. I mean, everyone likes to see their hard work and effort reflected in front of their eyes.

Instead of dull, rusted, and different colored machines, the warehouse gym concept uses monochrome machinery to create a soothing and attractive environment.

The design also revolves around improving the persona of the showers and change rooms. After a sweaty hour of exercise, the modern black fixtures with minimalist tiling, wooden doors, and seats create a spacious, spa-like atmosphere.

With loud music, a flexible lighting program, state-of-the-art yoga studio, the Warehouse Gym is a place that amplifies your energy and helps you stay fit and healthy.

I even the thought of going to the gym makes you sweat, try switching to the warehouse gym.