Niva World – The Unique Feel You Always Wanted For Your House!

13 July 2021 -
Tom Will
Originated in the heart of Florence, Niva World brings to you exuberant design products that will transform the interior of your house. It is a brand story that was revealed while Niva’s Studio was being created back in 2018. Since then, Niva designs has been producing extraordinary designs and product collections for interior decor. Each piece at Niva World is made by first making a prototype using the most classic techniques of sculpture. Starting from a ceramic or wax model to making plaster molds giving life to each raw piece, eventually turning it into a state-of-the-art shape. Niva aspires to be an agile and resilient design firm that is known for their elegant architecture and quality services, offering durable products and meeting its client’s authentic taste. Their modern and minimalist range of door handles and knobs promise to add a personalized touch to every corner of your haven. You can also find unique wallpapers, pull handles, breathtaking mirrors, and ceramic vases in the Niva World store in a wide range of design choices and finishes. Walking through the exquisite Aluminum, Wood, and Brass handles collections, you will find these luxurious pieces crafted by hand, maintaining an amazing balance between style, tradition, practicality, and luxury. They are perfect as a wedding gift or if you want to splurge into a new house celebration present to yourself. Niva World ForestaNera Pull handles collection is also influenced by the authentic representation of nature, emotions, and mysterious imaginary worlds to bring you a state-of-the-art experience in interior shopping for your dream home. The Bronze and Brass doorknob designs with their unique shapes and textures can give your house an ancient yet classic touch of art. At Niva, the mission is to transform regular house use interior pieces into artist displays adding more meanings to the overall look and feel of the venue. Visit Niva World’s store today to find out more about their classic and ancient procedure of assembling the most contemporary art-inspired products you will ever come across. With their expert consultation in interior design, furniture and accessories, you can now build a home or workplace of your dreams - Nothing is impossible for Niva World!