Forest essentials

02 November 2020 -
Alain Red

Part of the JDH Urban Regeneration Project in Jodhpur, India’s famed ‘Blue City’, that intends to restore the 15th-century Walled City to its former glory, breathing new life into its invaluable landmarks and livelihoods, is the revitalisation of Toorji Ka Jhalra, a decaying step-well in the heart of the city, and the urban space surrounding it.

Forest Essentials, an Indian cosmetics brand that bases its products on the ancient Indian beauty rituals of Ayurveda, is the first store in this public square.

Built in a historic residential building that is refurbished and adapted to house retail operations for the store, the outlet represents a design scheme replete with traditional and regional elements – the blue and gold colour palette, a homage to the city itself; traditional multi-foil arches, strategically resized to achieve balance; hand-cut linoleum flooring that is an adaptation of local mosaic patterns; the use of vernacular gold-plating for window signage; and a scaled model of the step-well and the public square itself.

These elements aim to establish an interface between the visitors and the brand, subtly introducing them to the architectural and cultural heritage of Jodhpur.

Design by Architecture Discipline