The Fluted Emerald Elgin Café

06 September 2021 -
Linda Sales

The Elgin Cafe restaurant and bar is the latest innovative creation of Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio. Bistro by day and hip bar by night, the Elgin Café was designed keeping in mind a clean, soft, and inviting color palette that would attract international and media-savvy clients and offer world-class hospitality.

Featuring lots of greenery and natural wood, the concept was to create an ambiance that made customers feel connected with nature while enjoying their food and having enjoyable conversations. The architects considered functional demands and modern and refreshing designs and materials to develop an aesthetically pleasing and alluring environment.

The restaurant is divided into two parts: the café area gives a day-dining vibe, while the separate private dining rooms are separated by sliding folding shutters. A small entrance leads to a winery where bottles are shelved alongside a fluted bar and a community table with high chairs. The entire café is designed with locally sourced materials, featuring Udaipur greenstone and various other shades of Madagascar green with contrasting salmon color that add a not-so-subtle quirk to the entire color scheme.

To maintain and highlight the natural integrity of the space, the furniture and lighting were coordinated to compliment the natural cane and fabrics, along with the monochromatic dull gold used for switchboards and wall lights. And last but not least is the ceiling which features moldings repeated in the entire space. All in all, the entire theme of The Elgin Cafe restaurant and bar embraces traditional dark green colors, conventional cane work, golden highlights, and flaunts a modern wine bar, which makes it an aesthetical work of art.