A-Framed Openings in a Wooden Interior

17 November 2021 -
Linda Sales

People prefer buildings, workplaces, homes, cafes, and restaurants that allow a "nature's way" into the place. The millennials these days are more inclined towards nature and living healthy lifestyles. Who would not love spending their evenings sitting by a huge glass window reading a book while enjoying nature's serenity with every sip of tea?

A-framed house in Niigata, Japan has become the “talk of the town”. The house echoes warmth and peace, with the interior inspired by the huge windows for air and light in the greenhouses and similar work sheds.

The A-frame home is a game-changer. With high ceilings and huge A-framed windows that allow natural light and ventilation to brighten up their days. The biggest striking feature is the A-framed roof in which embedded are two A-framed windows- depicting a large tent more like a greenhouse. The truss frames allow the house to blend in and connect with the neighboring buildings and community.

Alongside the a-framed windows, the house has wood-framed glass sliding doors with angled ceilings that allow cross-ventilation and add in touch or sobriety and class to the interior. Every inch of the house's interior is lined with high-quality solid wood and a huge open-lounge space that fills with light and fresh air. The house lights up in the dark with the exquisitely designed lights in the ceiling while the stars and the moon peep inside.