Sabat House / Team Group

16 November 2021 -
Tom Will

Sabat House is a reconstructed villa situated in Niavaran, Tehran that was originally built in 1975. The house features various prospects and observes three main principles: privacy, hierarchy, and centrality.

Apart from strengthening the three main aspects mentioned above, the project was broadly divided into two main parts. The first part adhered to providing comfort, which is also the primary design element of the house and among the basic requirements of the homeowner. The second part focused on the overall building and shelter.

Addressing the principle of privacy, it was included in the plan because of private and semi-private circulation. The private sector was separated by constructing axes perpendicular to the main corridor. Also, the lighting and airflow were directed to flow into all the spaces. The original Iranian architecture inspired the axis of the entire design. The semi-circular arches of various heights that span the entire house represented changing hierarchy, whereas the openness and vastness of the home highlighted the aspect of centrality.

The house's overall design was open and airy, featuring tall arches, glass, and various symmetrical designs. The color scheme adopts mainly pastel shades such as blue, white, and brown to create an ambiance of softness and grandeur. The hallways are long and compact, and the ceilings are fairly high. Apart from the open and minimalistic living room, many spaces within the house catch sunlight and offer a serene spot to relax.

Photographs: Deed Studio