Casa Fly

18 November 2021 -
Alain Red

In today's world, many people prefer luxurious places to live in, while some are shifting the minimalist paradigm. Mallorca, a serene island in Spain, is the epitome of lavish architecture. However, amidst the luxuriously designed interiors, you can find places built on a modernist yet minimalistic approach.

Designed and completed between 2017 and 2020, Casa Fly, is a two-story private residence that is an epitome of luxury curated out of locally available materials. Taking full advantage of the local materials and equipment, an Avant Grande infrastructure now stands in the islands of Mallorca.

The architecture and interior of Casa Fly in the exotic island of Spain are curated with the naturally extracted stones in the local area and crafted into the building using the dry stone or "Pedra en Sec” technique. The Drystone walls have become the defining feature for this project as the villagers have used them for ages. Moreover, due to their rich cultural history, UNESCO declared the drystone technique in 2018 as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The elevation is constructed with stones that speak for the "minimalist" approach- classic beauty and glamour with the local produce, yet another masterstroke. These stones are not just for ornamental purposes, the act as a coolant on hot days and as heat-absorbent on cold days. The windows are designed on slabs with wooden shutters that allow heat regulation. Moreover, the folding shutters add to the exotic façade of Casa Fly.

Casa Fly inside out is made out of sold wooden slabs, earthy palettes, local stones, customized furniture, and unique artwork. In addition, the location of the infinity pool has been carefully designed to link it with the sea visually. Overall, from the visual impact to the comfort, Casa Fly stands as the epitome of serenity.