Atelier Deca / Leo Romano

11 November 2021 -
Linda Sales

The Atelier for Deca embodies softness and poetry. It is based on a poem by Jorge de Lima, a Brazilian poet from the state of Alagoas in northern Brazil, written in 1952, which beautifully states: “There is always a cup of the ocean for man to sail in."

The above verse, which was featured on a poster of the 29th Art Biennial of São Paulo, hints towards a breath of fresh air and the beginning of something new, which is exactly what modern and minimalistic architecture is all about. These are times when homes are places of central attention, comfort, security, and a means of connecting to our inner selves. Homes today represent what and who we are, based on simple actions such as bathing, brushing our teeth, and even doing the dishes.

The Atelier for Deca symbolizes a dialogue between product and man. Everything from its concept to the material used, this rustic piece of architecture is meant to inspire all the senses and pay tribute to life itself. Its construction is meant to illuminate the city and serve as a lamp that asks us to take a walk with the brains behind it all: Leo Romano.

The Atelier for Deca offers an overpowering sense of peace and is truly a design that needs to be seen and experienced. From its heightened sense of smell to its drawing and creation, the four corners of the Atelier reveal new sensations and sentiments. It is essentially a design focused on us, how we think and acts in our homes, and our ability to search for and create what is truly beautiful.

Photographs: MCA Estudio