10 November 2021 -
Tom Will

The ASTRA Xingcui is an exclusively curved glass building concealed at the top of Tower A (25F) of The Imperial Capital Building in the Yuzhong district. Reminiscent of a shipping sail, its design features an innovative romantic style with inherent mysteriousness.

To 'board the ship and sail,' you need to enter through the extremely low-key entrance of the first floor via the safety gate. Then, take the elevator and go to the 24th floor. Lastly, take the skylight down through the twisting ladder hole, following the course of the light.

To make the flag shop look and feel as realistic as possible, Chongqing's, the decoration company, uses violent color with hot penetration, along with a curtain wall that provides film insulation to avoid hotness and allows visitors to 'sail' under soft light and a certain shade that deflects sunshine. Green plants further diminish the heat and multiple punching plate filters that restructure the harmony between light and man in a calming and soothing way.

The overall architectural design features quirky and abstract shapes, using black terra cotta to encapsulate the essence of ancient sci-fi mystery. Also, wild weeds and flowers provide a real close-to-nature vibe.

Although there aren't many seats, the different postures they feature provide many different views. Around the bar, under the eaves, near the curtains, inside the attic, and situated in rows or placed independently, the ASTRA Xingcui overlooks the nearby city skyline, the river, and even the beautiful starry sky, accompanied with a serene quietness that soothes the heart, mind, and soul.

Photographs: Zifeng Shi, Bin Zhao, Liuwen, Yingzhou Wang