Barra House / SAINZ arquitetura

13 December 2021 -
Tom Will

Casa Barra is situated within an extremely sunny and populated residential condo in Brasília (central-west Brazil), surrounded by nearby neighbors and featuring narrow terrain. A young couple, where the wife brought up in Portugal, living in the Brazilian federal capital, had many ongoing businesses in progress and was expecting their first child – the Casa Barra was constructed to celebrate this joyous occasion.

The main goal behind this project was to construct a ‘right architecture’ that would justify the built size, volumetric positioning of internal spaces within the house, the technology used, ventilation, and natural lighting. In short, it would set an example of good architectural practices.

The entire space features minimalistic furniture and deep earthy tones that complement its vegetation. Its high ceilings and large glass windows invite natural sunlight and a breeze that circulates within the entire house. The modern open kitchen is connected to a spacious and sophisticated living area. The kitchen overlooks the pool and makes for a great area for hosting close-knitted events.

Located at the foot of the land is the Box House, a project of the architects from 2012 which earned national and international awards. The structure was widely published and marked the start of their office. Fast forward ten years, and even though the customer's living style has transformed, the new home still meets their needs.

A varied palette of materials was used in the construction process, including natural wood, faced concrete, glass, steel, and hydraulic tile, complementing the original house built at the back. All in all, the house exhibits a definite austerity in terms of its volume and structure and is beautifully enclosed in greenery and local flora.

Photos by: Edgard Cesar