Eco-Lodge – Turtle Design Cabins

23 November 2021 -
Tom Will

Holidays are a great way to find an escape from the chaotic life. Along the exotic shores of a small seaside in Thailand, an eco-lodge encompassing turtle-inspired cabin designs are a great place to spend the vacations. From the soothing inside to a nature-inspired outside, these cabins reflect perfection.

The home-style interior of the eco-lodge throws out the vibes of a homely environment, so that nobody feels “out of place.” The landscape of the eco-lodge includes a café, an organic eatery, a workshop area, local and handcrafted artisan’s souvenir shop. The infrastructure is designed with eco-friendly materials, so people who love nature would love it here as well.

The project is exclusively designed in two parts; the exterior and the interior. The outside of the eco-lodge paints a natural picture with the turtle designs cabins surrounded by trees and lotus ponds. The interior of the cabins is dealt with sobriety and a welcoming aura. The multiple roofing surfaces are made with shingles to depict the shell of a turtle specifically. Local bamboo was the material of choice for the roofing and siding as it allows work flexibility without heavy machinery and construction equipment.

"Poon-tum," a material in the ancient architecture to keep the walls cool and make repairs easy, has been used by the local artisans to construct the lodge with large windows and ceilings for natural ventilation. Each room portrays an amalgamation of modern yet ancestral look, with simple furniture and dark walls. This modern eco-lodge lights up at dusk, sending out friendly and welcoming vibes.

Materials used:

  • Local bamboo
  • Shingles
  • Poon tum
  • Wooden furniture