Laurel Canyon Residence

22 November 2021 -
Linda Sales

A home is where your heart is. Laurel Canyon Residence in Los Angeles, USA is built as per the wishes of a couple and their two boys who have just moved here from Australia.

The house is an example of sophistication amalgamated with high-level comfort for living and a warming interior. The family of four wanted a game room, exquisite kitchen, each room customized as per their liking and the house- albeit already built on a huge space containing several built-in storage capacities.

The Canyon Residence reflects perfection in every nook and cranny. The project reveals a luxurious yet homely feel. The subtle use of welcoming colors adds definition and purpose to every area. Although the residence is built on a huge area, the designers have smartly punctuated the house with built-in shelving units, wall-mounted seating alongside the windows, customized closets, and other space-saving solutions. The materials selected for the construction reflects the aesthetics and taste of the family of Canyon Residence, based on the natural elements, and their preference of sophistication.

The interior makes the residents reminisce their original home city. Large windows allow the beams and skylight to liven up the spaces with different views in each room as per the function and purpose of the particular area. Shannon Smith Wollack, founder of Studio Lifestyle, and her associate Brittany Zwickl carefully curated the designs as narrated by the family to allow them to enjoy sophistication and luxury.

With several negotiations on the color schemes, the furniture, and even the design of the walls, Laurel Canyon Residence now stands as a symbol of art and royalty in the area.

Specialized interior design features:

  • Built-in space-saving areas such as kitchen pantries and customized closets
  • Colors with natural hues and textures patterns
  • Furniture and collectibles
  • Game room with poker table
  • Custom color tiling in the bathrooms
  • Built-in pieces like the custom brass hood in the kitchen
  • Skylights, exposed beams, and mesmerizing views in every room