Kitchen Reflect

28 September 2021 -
Linda Sales

The kitchen is a place that brings families together. A hearty conversation over a plate of good food on the dinner table and a warm kitchen are what make a house a home. Therefore, when designing the kitchen, even the littlest detail matters.

To make the kitchen beautiful and bright, where warmth encapsulates the mind and the body, Reflect design is your way to go. Designed by Jean Nouvel, a celebrated, modern French architect, Reflect is creativity and artwork. Everything is constructed to portray a minimalist yet sleek and playful environment, from the cabinets and door handles to the countertop.

Reflect, an expression of art, is designed in two colors or variants by Jean Nouvel: black and metal (a lustrous grey effect). Crafted with a solid framework and vertical steel ridges, the available variants have a reflective, glossy surface to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Stainless steel anodized with aluminum covers the MFC board that makes the top layer thin.

Reflect kitchen design focuses on every aspect of such as the kitchen fronts, handles, and countertops.

Kitchen Fronts- Black variant is dark-colored and durable as it keeps corrosion at bay from your kitchen. On the other hand, the Metal variant is light, gives an airy feel, and has a natural but shiny steel color. The best part is you would not have to spend hours cleaning the greasy hand, fingerprints from the kitchen cabinets, handles, and countertops. The kitchen fronts have ultimate finesse with an anti-fingerprint variant to maintain the newness and raw aesthetic look. It is super easy to clean, and your kitchen is resistant to daily dish soap and detergent use.

Countertops- From hot cooking pots and electronics to dirty dishes, one thing or the other will always be present there. The countertops have a 5mm thickness made of 304 brushed stainless steel. FENIX NTM lamination over the surfaces makes them resilient and durable, keeping the countertops scratch-free. In addition, this modern kitchen design uses nanotechnologies so that the kitchen surfaces can heal from thermal or acid solvent injuries.

Handles- to make the handles resilient and durable, they are made out of anodized aluminum- 1.3mm thickness. They are positioned horizontally on the doors and vertically on the cabinets for better grip.

With high system compatibility, excellent design, easy care, and maintenance, Reflect kitchen is what you need to make things, or should I say your food, better!