Restaurant and Bar Interior – Ethai Café

19 November 2021 -
Mark Smith

Cafes, restaurants, and bars are great places to relax for people. The interior and the ambiance of the place highlight its cuisine and its cultural roots.

Ethai Café, confined in the basement of Shanghai’s Kerry Center is an epitome of perfection, with the Thai culture and cuisine embellished in every nook and cranny. The architects have a knack for turning small places into spacious interiors with an inviting façade. They know how to play with the materials and colors to refurbish any place to speak for its cultural roots. Quarta and Armando is the maestro in creating a haven where people can enjoy a stress-free time. And Ethai Café is a recent example of their artistic work.

The wisely chosen colors and materials to ornament the interior reflect the delicious culinary dishes of traditional healthy ingredients. From the walls to the sitting area, the interior has been aligned with the serenity of Thailand; a great way to reminisce the country.

Addressing the limited land available to build the café, the constrained space has been turned into an amicable project depicting the interior as "space within space." The ambiance is a treat for people who seek escape from the chaotic city routine. The infrastructure is a directional concept with the elevation designed with low walls, low ceilings at the entrance leading to an alluring banquette.

The café’s overall layout is designed to keep the customer's privacy in consideration. Therefore, a person can enjoy solace in a friendly and enjoyable environment that has been designed to mimic primeval spaces. The material selection deploys rich texture with soothing colors. White arched tiles, wooden furniture, earthy palettes with smooth textures, terrazzo flooring at the entrance with ornaments, and pieces of artwork finalize the sobriety and "Thai" feels of the café.