Rosa Apartment / CoDA Arquitetos

15 November 2021 -
Mark Smith

The Rosa apartment was renovated according to the wishes of a young couple and their little daughter. The family proposed to upgrade the space, eliminating the service room and one of the existing bedrooms to acquire more flexible space. In addition, they wanted to add a suite, a home office, and a more pleasant kitchen space in their place.

As revealed during construction, the division of rooms was demarcated by concrete beams and columns. Hence, the project focused on developing an open and accommodative environment featuring a living and dining area, a cinema, a home office, and a kitchen.

The materials chosen for the renovation were based on aesthetics, natural elements, and residents' preference for feasibility to work. The overall idea was to limit covered areas and enhance and liberate the existing concrete structures, the cobogós, and especially the hardwood flooring featuring Brazilian Peroba Rosa wood, which the apartment is named after.

To accommodate the extensive library of the academic couple, the construction team proposed building two fixed structures: niches underneath the concrete bench constructed alongside the main window and shelves above the office bench. The resultant space featured a room with limited fixed elements and maximized flexibility. It also became possible to project movies on the wall, which eliminates the need for a television, along with more dining space.

Located at the rear, the wet part of the renovation involved the complete refurbishment and optimization of the electric and hydraulic installations. The refurbishment of the plant included two identical bathrooms, one looking onto the living room and the other looking onto the suite. In addition, the laundry room was readjusted behind the kitchen, liberating the view of the cobogó from the living room and providing uninterrupted ventilation throughout the socializing area.

Photographs: Júlia Tótoli